Don’t you hate walking into a costume party, and some biddie is wearing your costume? And you can’t tell who’s outfit is better? It happens. You can laugh it off and take a picture with your Halloween twin OR you can battle him/her to a duel. If you want to assure that the probability of someone wearing your costume is low, then I would avoid these predictable getups.

1.) Miley Cyrus

You considered it. Don’t lie. Be better than Paris Hilton’s costume taste. Be better than irony. Be better than vaguely pedophiliac teddy bears. Same goes for Robin Thicke.

Better VMAs-inspired costumes: Lil’ Kim, Madonna, Britney Spears, Frank Ocean, Adele, & Kurt Cobain.


2.) Breaking Bad (Walter White/Jesse Pinkman)

The series just ended, so it’s perfect timing for super-fan(erd)s to immortalize the characters. The idea is relevant and culturally warranted, so there are reasons why I have seen so many people ordering yellow jumpsuits off eBay during lecture. Everyone is going to do it, so why not wait it out.

 What about… Don Draper (Mad Men), Adam Sackler (Girls), a Game of Thrones beast, or Louis C.K. (Louie).

3.) Holly Golightly/Audrey Hepburn

I struggled with typing this one, but EVERY college girl will pull out their little black dress this weekend, and call themselves “Audrey.” PSA to all the fancy biddies: Be Audrey Hepburn everyday, so you can unleash your inner Marilyn on such occasions.

Remember, there are other classy, beautiful icons: Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse, Jackie O., Billie Holiday, & Cher.

4.) Gatsby/20s/Flapper…ZZzzzz..

“Omigod! So, did you see Great Gatsby, yet?”
“Isn’t that decade the epitome of  fun and sophistication?”

“Ugh! Why wasn’t I alive during the 20s?”

You know what probably wasn’t  fun? Prohibition.

Better costume idea: Any other decade in history….

5.) Minion

The streets and quads of College campuses will be a cesspool of overall-wearing biddies. Please, keep your overalls back where they belong… in 90s Hell. Also, aren’t Minions the poorman’s Oompa Loompa? Team Oompa Loompa!

Have friends? Group Costumes: The Scooby Doo Gang, the timeline of Madonna, the cast of Anchorman… Hobbits!