Being single is something I like to embrace but I can’t say the same for many of my peers. Don’t get me wrong being in a relationship is great when it’s working out. For the majority of couples in college though this doesn’t seem to be the case. I see too many girls putting all their energy into some dude with no job who treats her like shit. I would choose being single and happy any day. What’s sometimes worse than ladies who are so invested in these relationships are the single women who cannot stand being single.

Why is being single considered so terrible by so many people? Sure maybe we don’t have someone to talk to or cuddle with at night but that’s not all relationships are made of. You have to realize that many people in relationships right now that may seem cute probably argue and have several of their own problems. Being in a relationship isn’t perfect and neither is being single but why not embrace this lifestyle while you still can? Why hunt for a relationship? If you’re so focused on finding one, chances are you’ll lower your standards and wind up attached to someone totally wrong for you. My advice is to take the time you have alone to work on yourself, date guys, and figure out what it is you exactly want. Truthfully, I have found the best guys when I haven’t been looking. So now that I’m done with that rant, here is exactly why you should embrace being single right now.

1) You have the opportunity to work on YOURSELF.

Because chances are if you haven’t figured out who you are, you will get lost in a relationship.

2) You can go to bars, clubs, or out in general without having to worry what to do if someone hits on you.

Sure Dave Franco if you insist.

3) You can dance with WHOEVER you want and let WHOEVER you want buy you drinks

Work it girl.

4) You can go on many dates and find what you’re REALLY looking for

Which hopefully isn’t a dog.

5) Lots of different sex 😉

Because let’s be honest for a second. Sleeping with different people helps us discover so many new things we like! Yay sex!

6) You can build better relationships with your friends.

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship all your attention goes to that person and your friends take a back seat. Problem is, when that dude leaves, you’re left alone. For the most part, it’s more important to build great friendships with people you know won’t walk out.

7) No need to monitor your phone/social media as much which means more time FOR YOU.

Computer *poof* phone *poof*…Me time.

8) Girl’s night is just better.

For pretty much all the above reasons.

9) You can relate way more to Sex and the City

10) and Perhaps most importantly, when this shit comes on you can truly rock it.

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh