1. Purchase every Starbucks holiday drink and flaunt your first world beverages

2. Listen exclusively to the Mariah Carey holiday Pandora

3. Complain about how there are going to be no Harry Potter movies during ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas…and then defend Harry Potter as being a Christmas movie by referencing the “Happy Christmas, Ron” line from the first film.

4. Watch the ABC Family claymation movies and then have horrific nightmares about all of the characters (or maybe that’s just me)

5. Let go of yourself- because let’s face it, everyone gets a little fat during the winter.

7. Quote Elf nonstop- “BYE BUDDY,  HOPE YOU FIND YOUR DAD!”

8. Watch Christmas Shoes and then immediately regret watching it.

9. Consider buying presents for your family and friends….emphasis on the word “consider”.

10. Wear every ugly holiday sweater you can find.


11.  Talk about going iceskating- but don’t actually go iceskating.

12. Feel more emotionally conflicted when walking by homeless people or the Salvation Army but continue to  not donate.

13. Reference the time Lizzie McGuire kissed Aaron Carter under the mistletoe.

14. Feel profoundly alone.

15. Become pseudo religious and talk about the Baby Jesus 24/7