1. Introduce us to their friends as their “Gay Best Friend”

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than your “friend” publicly outing you in front of a group of strangers. Did you ever think that maybe we aren’t comfortable with people knowing our sexuality right off the bat? When you attach the phrase “GBF” to a gay guy you’re turning them into an accessory and saying that you like them solely because they’re gay. Treat your friends like people, not shitty bracelets you get from Claire’s or God forbid Limited Too.

2. Assume that we all like to shop and are an extension of the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy cast

Newsflash ladies, not every gay guy is impeccably dressed or has a color coordinated closet. Some of us actually hate shopping and fashion. Don’t befriend a gay person because you think they’ll make a good shopping buddy and don’t start a friendship with the assumption that this person acts like all of the gays you’ve watched on Bravo. Gays come in all different flavors, just like straight men and lube, so try to find a gay guy you actually have stuff in common with.

3. Refer to us as being sassy, fabulous or fierce.

GIRLS STOP DOING THIS! Granted some of us are these adjectives,  but please for the love of God refrain from using them. They’re tired, dated and cheesy. I’m not fierce. Jaguars are fierce. Beyonce is fierce. I’m a 5’7 white guy who doesn’t know how to iron his clothes, I’m not fierce. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I need an entirely different list of adjectives to describe me- “funny” “threateningly stunning” and “sensual” are just as good or not better than gay specific adjectives.

4. Say you know the perfect guy for us because he’s “gay like me”.

Another classic mistake. Not all gay guys are attracted to each other. In fact, I’m pretty much repulsed by 90% of the gay population. Attraction for gays is the same as it is for any other person. Are you attracted to every straight guy you see because he’s “straight like you?” No? We thought so.

5. Assume there are no boundaries because we’re sexually incompatible

Ladies, just because I’m not attracted to you does not mean I want to see you get naked in front of me or do other bizarre things. There are boundaries. This also goes for all of the girls who like to be “fake sexual” with gay guys because they think it’s fun or humorous. Newsflash hoe, I don’t want to grind up on every girl I see or make out with them. I mean if I’m very good friends with you and I feel comfortable with you, then maybe, but most girls are under the assumption that gays love doing this. And that’s not true so keep your tongue in your mouth baby girl or else I will judo chop you.