This time of year can be especially hard for the single people. If you haven’t heard of cuffing season yet, you can Urban Dictionary that shiz because that is not the lesson I will be teaching you today. If there is one thing I’m good at aside from busting out my breakdance move at parties, it’s defending the right to live an enjoyable single life. With that said, here are some activities only a single person can fully embrace during the holiday season.


1) Stuffing your face with Christmas cookies.

You might be thinking, “I can easily do this with a BF.” DON’T THINK THAT. If someone hands you a delicious plate of cookies and you’re in a relationship, that greedy bitch will try and steal them. Single peeps don’t have this problem. We’re allowed to be selfish. Because if your sneaky married sister tries to steal one you can just cry about how single you are (even though you’re actually not sad) and she’ll hopefully feel bad and back off. MUAHAHA. More for me.

2) Ice Skating

Although skating may be seen as an event people do with their significant others, I like to think differently. Look at the Biebs up dere. You think he could bust out that move with a lady hanging on his arm? Helllllll no. You have the freedom to twirl around and fall on your ass all you want. Holding onto someone skating ruins the fun.


3) Buying less gifts.

Tell me you aren’t picking up what this lady is putting down. Don’t get me wrong gift giving can be great but honestly I’m a college student. If I have to pass up a burrito at Chipotle because I’m running low on cash, chances are I’m not finna buy you a North Face.

4) More time spent with friends, less time awkwardly interacting with the boo’s whole fam

Because no Mrs. Jones, your apple pie tastes like butt, your husband’s rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is creepy, I’m done talking about my major, I’m probably gonna break up with your son after this and “THIS HOUSE IS A  F***ING  PRISON.”


5) Jammin out to this holiday classic

Singing and dancing to this song with your gal pals in the car or around the Christmas tree will never compare to doing it with a boyfriend. In fact, he’ll probably want anything for Christmas but you…


6) More options underneath the mistletoe.

The mistletoe is like if spin the bottle had a little Christmas baby. It’s cooler when you single cause you can kinda have an excuse to pull this move on someone you’ve been crushin on. If they aren’t feelin it though it’s easy enough just to say you were kidding.