1.  Make the timer last way longer than it needs to be

This is one of my greatest Snapchat pet peeves. Newsflash people, not every snapchat has to last 10 seconds long. In fact, if your snapchat is simply just a glorified selfie then it doesn’t need to be any longer than three seconds. Anything longer than that is unnecessary and self indulgent. And if you’re reading this article and you do that, then know that I think you’re an annoying narcissist (can’t wait for all of the Facebook messages I’m about to get from people asking I think they’re a narcissist)

2. Make boring stories

When you make a story you’re implying that your snapchat is worthy of the time and attention of all of your snapchat friends. So for the love of God, please don’t upload 50 seconds worth of stories that are nothing but you driving around in the car, sitting on the couch with your dog or rolling your eyes at your math homework. We get it you’re bored- but your Snapchats do nothing for you but tell the rest of the world that you’re boring and have no plans on a Friday night.

3. Send multiple snapchats in a row.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting home from classes and work only to find that you have 8 snapchats from the same person. And what’s worse is that these snapchats are usually all related. At school I have one friend, (WHO I AM NOT GOING TO NAME) who likes to send me multiple snapchats of him lip syncing to the same song.  Bitch, I don’t need a dozen snapchats of you lip syncing “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. CALM YOUR TITS!

4. Send mass snapchats

This is my greatest Snapchat pet peeve. Snapchat is supposed to be a personal thing and mass snapchats should only be reserved for things that are hilarious or extremely exciting or cool. I don’t need you to send me a picture of you driving. For starters, we’re not even that good of friends so I know this snapchat wasn’t for me. And second, mass snapchats are awkward because you never know if you’re supposed to respond or pretend that  it didn’t exist. I’ve actually blocked people on Snapchat because of the amount of  mass snapchats that they send. If we’re not friends in real life then please don’t clutter my newsfeed with your basic bullshit, thank you very much.

5. Screenshot Everything

Nudes and embarrassing photos are the only things that need to be screenshotted. Anything more than that is creepy and invasive.