This article is a formal apology letter to things I hated as a kid, but simply cannot live without now. I would like to take this moment to list the great, beautiful people, places, and things that have always been there, but were never given the appreciation they deserved until now. Hearts!


1. Naps.


2. Baths & Bubble baths.

Oh God. *Takes a minute*

3. The Library.

Seriously, have you been to yours lately? Music, movies, books, magazines are all free, but the snappy librarian sass may cost extra.

4. September.

Arguably the most beautiful month of the year. Yes, school sucks the fun out of it, but  is there anything more beautiful than warm, dry weather and foliage? Nope.

5. Dresses

If you were like me and hated wearing dresses as a child, but now they are all you wear… then we should be friends and bond over our blind stupidity.

6. Wine

We all remember our first sip of wine, and then spitting it out in the sink.

  7. Leftovers

Maybe it is because being a poor college kid makes you savor the sustenance from last night’s pad thai, but leftovers are glorious.

8.  Cleaning Your Room

The strange amount of fun that ensues…

9. Kissing

“Girls rule & Boys Drool.” Girls rule & Boy lick my face!

10. Chocolate

This treat just was not made for the ages of 1-15.