12 Things That Better Stop Happening in 2014

1. Twerking

2. Vines

3. Kimye… and by this I mean I hope both Kim and Kanye inexplicably turn to stone.

4. People unnecessarily and unironically hashtagging everything

5.  Lea Michele’s bangs

6.  People  becoming incredibly upset and potentially violent at the notion that you don’t watch or want to watch “Breaking Bad” or “Scandal”

7. People using Buzzfeed as a news source.

8. The word “ratchet”.

9. Christina Aguilera/Pitbull/Flo Rida’s music careers.

10.The Doge meme

11. People instagramming pictures of their meals and/or taking pictures with iPads.

12. Justin Bieber

Let’s hope his retirement was for real.

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