1. I just truly believe that trinity should have at least been allowed to come home in the top four or five with Adrienne being eliminated or at least considered Bering eliminated or just READ to filth for her glorious STANK attitude and her relentless attack on the other contestants in particular Ben


  2. This season seems so much sadder and prejudiced than any other. Such meanness and CRUELTY. Courtney this applies to you in particular. Courtney needs to stop. I guess we can assume that the American idol participants (I’m sorry, but did either botch win????) Neither country accepted both of your dumb-downed semi-self actualized assets yet the rest of the world is now held hostage by your arrogant two faced competitive asses


  3. Season six top four Bianca, Ben Dela, (sigh…Courtney), and either Adore or Jocelyn….Good luck Ru…I am your BIGGEST fan, but I do not in any way envy your job right now….I


  4. I love your recaps but Darienne’s weight has nothing to do with her performance. She’s the wooooorst but your constant put downs about her size are frankly gross.


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