1. Should I live off campus because it’s cheaper or stay on campus because I’m a lazy fuck who doesn’t want to walk more than three minutes to get to class?


2. Should I take classes that sound remotely interesting or should I just say fuck it and sign up for terrible ones so I can get my Fridays off?


3. Do I really want to drunkenly order three pizzas at two in the morning or do I really just want to go to bed? (Trick question: you ALWAYS want the pizza)


4. Should I take this class because it sounds interesting or avoid it because the professor got a bad grade on “Rate My Professor”?

5. Should I live with my best friend and jeopardize our entire friendship and potentially end up resenting them with every fiber of my being or should I just live with a random person who may not understand my eccentric habits (ie singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while in the shower)?


6.) Should I spend my summer working a dead end job so that I can pay off my student loans or should I slave away at a miserable unpaid internship so that I can put it on my resume in the hopes that it will land me a future job that will pay off my even higher student loans?


7.) Do I really want to go to that club meeting or do I really just want to stay in bed and continue to binge watch Scandal?


8.) Should I take the time to do laundry right now or should I just go through my laundry bin and wear whatever smells the least like B.O.?

9.) Should I say hi to the guy I drunkenly hooked up with at the party or act like I have no idea who he is at all?

10.) Should I do homework or something of actual substance that may benefit me later in life or should I continue to just eat chips and surf the internet for cat gifs?


 **Should I major in something that makes money or major in something I love and accept that fact that I’m going to be living off Spaghettios for the rest of my life?