1. Sitting at the popular table

In high school you can tell how popular someone is by where they sit in the cafeteria. Nerds sit at one table, theater kids at the other and usually the most popular students AKA the athletes sit in the center. People are expected to sit at their respective table and not shake up the status quo. But in college, you just sit at whatever table is open and not completely covered in trash.

2.  Being a cheerleader

High school movies always depicted cheerleaders as the most popular girls in school and the object of lust for every high school boy. In college, however, no one really gives a fuck about cheerleaders. With the wide array of athletic activities  and dance clubs available on campus, cheerleading just ends up like looking like a lame activity.

3.  Going to THAT party.

lf you’re underage and living at home your chances of getting alcohol are far and few in between. The most popular kids are the ones who manage to pull off successful parties where teens can get drunk off of 2 shots of Rubi and hook up with fugly people without feeling bad. In college, there are plenty of parties you can do this at and unless you’re a social pariah chances are you’ll never not have one to go to.


4. Driving

Having access to a car in high school is essential to having a real social life. I mean what is more embarrassing than going to a party only to be picked up at 9:30 by your mom. In college though cars are more of an inconvenience than anything else. For starters, parking passes are extremely expensive and if you go to a school in the city the access to public transportation makes having a car almost irrelevant.


5. Being in a relationship

Most high schoolers express interest in dating and having a significant other. Hook up culture isn’t that prevalent mostly because it’s difficult for you to “hit and quit” someone you see every day in Algebra. In college people love flings and low level commitment type hook ups. Dating is almost even taboo.