1. Getting stopped by activists who ask you if you have a minute to hear about their petition and being unable to think of a simple lie to get yourself out of the situation.

2. Being told by your professor to pair up with someone in your class and realizing that there’s an odd amount of people and you are the odd one out.

3. Running into someone from a club that you quit after three meetings and not knowing whether or not you should acknowledge their presence.

4. Spotting a former professor on campus and waving before realizing that your professor has no idea who you are.

5. Needing to have a letter of recommendation for a job or program and knowing that none of your professors have any idea of who you are because you’ve never spoken in class.

6. Finally answering a question in class and getting it horribly wrong.

7. Getting a terrible grade on an assignment you thought you aced.


8. Office hours

9. Going to a party where the only person you know is the friend of a friend of the person’s place.

10. Making the mistake of going to the gym at the exact time all of the juice heads are there.

11. Realizing someone at the gym is staring at you and being unable to decipher whether it’s because they think you are cute or because they’ve noticed you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

12. Running into someone and saying “hey how are you” at the same exact time and then just smiling and walking away without either of you answering the question.

13.  Going up to get second and third helpings of french fries from the dining hall and realizing that the dining hall worker has discovered how much of a fat ass you are.

14. Taking the elevator down a flight of stairs and immediately becoming the object of hate for everyone else in it.


15. Going to an event just for the free pizza and then trying to think of an excuse to leave early.

16. Taking someone’s laundry out of the dryer as soon as they walk into the laundry room.

17. Seeing your roommate’s old fuckbuddy on campus and having to pretend you haven’t heard the unhearable.

18. Seeing someone and saying “hey, how are you?” quickly to be polite and then accidentally ending up in an incredibly awkward conversation neither of you meant to have.