We’ve finally made it folks! After over two months of glue gunning, shade slinging and morally questionable editing, we’ve made it to the end of RPDR.  And yet- there’s something bittersweet about it all. After investing so much time in a bunch of  cross-dressers it’s impossible to not feel let down during this finale. From the rather dull music video to the completely uninspired final runway, this episode seems anti-climatic. But it does get one thing right though- it sends the eternally grumpy, potato sack wearing, AARP card carrying Darienne Lake home!
This episode starts with the queen reentering the work room after the surprise elimination of Ben DelaCreme. And tensions are high- Adore’s pissed that Courtney said she should go home, Darienne’s excited at the prospect of Bianca finally starting to slide and Courtney Act goes to recharge her batteries because she’s clearly a robot. But don’t worry about the tension- it completely fizzles out as soon as the credits roll. Perhaps the main reason this episode fails to deliver is because it includes four queens as opposed to the typical three which leads to the whole affair feeling fairly cluttered. It also doesn’t help that it’s clear from the beginning that Darienne Lake will not be making it to the top three.  Any idiot would tell you that it’s clearly been an Adore, Bianca, Courtney final three since episode 1.

For the main challenge our queens are required to perform in the music video for another one of RuPaul’s garbage pop songs (“Sissy That Walk”).  They are also required to act in two short scenes that tie in with the music video but not really. But before we get to the challenge each of our queens gets to sit down with Mama Ru.  Adore breaks down in tears when Ru asks her about her relationship with her father while Darienne gets misty eyed while recounting the time she was kicked out of her home. Even Bianca shows a shred of humanity when she discusses how she helped out the other girls in the competition. Courtney, however, does nothing more than solidify RuPaul’s theory that she was built at a Circuit City by showing zero vulnerability.

The filming for the music video is pretty boring for the most part. The queens learn some basic ass choreography and walk on a treadmill with heels on (but like I do that every time I exercise). The acting challenge is also quite tame, except for RuPaul who comes out looking like Rick James. In fact, RuPaul is the best part of this entire episode. Can we just give him the crown? Adore and Bianca excel in the acting challenge while Darienne and Courtney fail to completely impress.  What’s supposed to be the highlight of the episode (the runway) ends up being the most disappointing part of the episode. The queens are tasked with showing off their individual drag which is kind of redundant considering they all wear the same outfits every week. Bianca gives the judges the same silhouette, Courtney comes out looking like her same old model self, Darienne looks pretty for a big girl and Adore serves gutter slut realness. I’m glad all of these queens are secure in their drag identities- it’s just a shame that they really don’t mix things up every once in a while. I can only dream about what Trinity K. Bonet would have served on the runway.

The final lipsync includes all four queens which results in it being far too crowded. It’s impossible to tell who should be going home for the sole fact that you can’t focus your attention on any of them. Darienne is sent home because she never one a single challenge and Ben DeLaCreme rolls her eyes (at home I’m assuming) over the great injustice that occurred last episode. What sucks is that now we won’t see the final three compete against each other to see who really deserves the crown. Oh well, fuck it, let’s just give Bianca the crown, give Adore a spot on All Stars 2 and call it a day.


Bianca Del Rio

Bianca lost a little bit of steam towards the end of the season with her predictable runway looks. But at the end of the day Bianca was held to a much higher standard than the rest of the queens in the competition. She grew as a person while consistently winning challenges which means the crown is hers. If anyone else wins I’m sure lynching will occur.

Adore Delano

Adore Delano’s bubbly energy and vulnerability have made her one of the most lovable underdogs in this show’s history. She slayed the last two challenges on the show and really proved her worth in the competition. She’s basically this season’s Alaska Thunderfuck and by that I mean she stumbled at first but once she found her footing she really brought the fire. She’ s passionate, beautiful and funny- but the crown doesn’t belong to her and I think she knows that. She’ll be successful though with or without the crown.

Courtney Act

I like Courtney Act outside of Drag Race and I think she’s immensely talented. I don’t believe the crown is hers for the sole reason that they gave her a bitchy edit. Bitchy queens don’t win RuPaul’s Drag Race (minus Tyra Sanchez). Courtney is beautiful and talented but her robotic nature will keep her from winning the crown. She’s the Detox of the season- the clear frontrunner who ended up not delivering as much as we had hoped they would.