After three seasons of waiting for Emily Thorne to avenge her father’s death and bring ruin to the Grayson Clan, our heroine has finally succeeded…in what happened to be the biggest WTF episode of the entire series. In fact, it’s safe to say that Revenge is no longer a psychological thriller but a soap opera on crack. Exchanging plausibility for plot twists, this series finale had everything and more that you’d come to expect from the show. Two main characters died, a shocking character resurfaced, someone was institutionalized, another arrested and Emily finally got her revenge (or so we think).

Despite all of the twists, one can’t help but feel a little let down from the finale. And that’s mostly due to the fact that it introduced a character who brings into question the whole existence of the show. I’m of course referring to the reappearance of David Clarke, Emily’s wrongly accused father who was believed to have died in prison and who is the basis of her Revenge plot. With him back in the picture it makes Emily’s whole revenge plan seem a little extraneous and makes him seem like a complete and total douchebag.

But let’s go back a bit. Our episode started with Victoria coming to the conclusion that Emily is in fact Amanda Clark and that she must put an end to her once and for all. She does this by ruthlessly smothering Emily’s lover and Revenge partner, Aidan, to death before leaving his body for Emily to find. Aidan’s death was a shocking moment in the series and it’s sad to see him go after two seasons. To some extent it was inevitable. Emily’s only exciting when she’s out for revenge which makes it little to impossible for her to have a happy ending. I can’t help but feel, however, that it would have been much more satisfying if that bitch troll Charlotte had died instead.

In prison, Conrad is harassed by one of the guards and it becomes clear that he has little chance of ever being released after his heinous crimes come to light. Well that is until he’s smuggled out of prison by a corrupt guard- only to be shockingly stabbed by David Clarke who just so happened to know Conrad was walking down some random side street. It’s a jarring moment to see David alive- but mostly an annoying one. With David’s resurgence this show is now in full soap opera mode which means that it could potentially embrace even more outlandish plot twists in the future. Newsflash ABC, this isn’t Days of Our Lives!

Beyond that there were several random side plots that did nothing but highlight the fact that Revenge has terrible supporting characters. Nolan befriended Gideon, Margaux’s brother, in an attempt to take down Daniel Grayson and get back the MyClone app. Which you know led to Gideon and Daniel drinking and a dead prostitute ending up in Daniel’s bed. Ugh why does Daniel have to be so gross and evil now? Why can’t he be hot & sensitive Daniel from season 1? I miss that Daniel! And if you’re not going to make him good can you at least make him shirtless more often?

In other news, Charlotte continues to suck and Jack was arrested for the whole kidnapping plot. Does anyone really care? Nope. Emily and Victoria finally face off in the graveyard which ends with Emily slamming her in the face with a shovel (must have taken a note from that bitch from Vine). In the end, Victoria finds herself in a mental institution in a delightful twist. We all know she won’t stay there long but still it’s nice to see her receive some sort of punishment for her heinous crimes and blown up lips.

The producers have really switched things up for Revenge with this insane finale. And it’s safe to say that Revenge is moving away from its roots- which may be good or bad. It’s a little too soon to say. The show will definitely feel different without Conrad and Aidan- which again may work out. But here’s what I’m looking forward to for season 4- More shirtless Daniel, Less supporting characters (looking at you Charlotte & Margaux), Emily giving bitch face, and Daniel shirtless. And maybe Victoria with a bob.