1.) When you catch a Pokemon in the wild, only to find a much higher level one a minute later.

2.) When a wild Pokemon uses teleport or flees a battle. Looking at you, Abra!

3.) Using more than 20+ Pokeballs and still being unable to catch a legendary…or worse, accidentally killing it and having to battle it all over again.

4.) When a trainer you didn’t want to battle sees you.

5.) Caves. I don’t want another fucking Zubat, okay?!

6.) When your attack misses.

7.) Poisoning, Paralysis, Hypnosis, Freezing.

8.) When you almost kill a Gym Leader or Elite Four’s Pokemon…only for that bastard to use a full restore.

9.) Fugly evolutions- can we talk about the fact that we have an Ice Cream cone Pokemon?

10.) When there’s only shitty Pokemon in the grass around you.

11.) Victory Road.

12.) Pokemon that evolve at a certain happiness level.

13.) Pokemon that evolve by holding an item or being leveled up in front of a rock.

14.) Unnecessary pre-evolutions.

15.) Multiple type Pokemon (Did you really need to be both ghost AND ground? Don’t be greedy, bitch)

16.) The fact that you have to talk/walk into the homes of random peasants just to get a fucking potion.

17.) Your irrelevant rival.

18.) When you have to switch out one of your good Pokemon, to put in one of your Pokemon you only keep around because they know how to use cut.

19.) When the Pokemon you want is only available in the other version.

21.) Keeping track of the 289y-345y63-4 Pokemon that now exist.