It’s recently come to my attention that WordPress keeps a catalogue of the search terms people Google that lead them to finding my blog. What you are about to read are some of the terms/phrases  people looked up that somehow brought them to Is This Why I’m Still Single



“I’d fuck Ursula from Little Mermaid”



“Quien es Gretchen Wieners”



“Don’t waste my time, am not here to play around, bitch.”




“Masturbating on bidets blogs”



“I’m naked to get attention.”



“Cartoon disney princesses with huge pregnant bellies”



“Flavor of Love Pumpkin Porn”



“Is Angela Basset a bitch?”



“I’m Single, so I’m going to do single shit. Don’t like it?”



“What’s a creampie and bukkake mean Wiki?”



“Story of shit hungry bitches”



“How to be awake for a booty call”



“Maggie Smith is difficult to work with”



“What does Beyonce mean when she says ride it with her surf board?”



“Can I tell an annoying girl to fuck off?”