12 Signs You’re Brenda from “Scary Movie”

1.  You have a low tolerance when it comes to caucasian ass bullshit.


2.  You are the definition of cl@$$.

3.  You enjoy getting verbal during sex.

4. You have a legitimate fear of R Kelly peeing on you…. #dontdowhatuwantwithmybody

5. You ain’t afraid to call out a bitch when needed.

6. You fuck the patriarchy on a daily basis.

7. You’re straight to the point.

8. Like really straight to the point.

9. You’re not the best at containing yourself…especially when out in public.

10. You make some pretty fucked up jokes.

11. You won’t have any of this “Whitey down a hole”  nonsense.

12. Home care is important to you.


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