1.) Life is unfair, but you can get through it.

The past few months I’ve felt increasingly depressed and defeated by the goings-on of my life. At first I told myself that I had no claim to feel the way that I did but I’ve learned since then to acknowledge my feelings as legitimate. Robyn’s song, “In My Eyes” speaks to the depressing nature of life while simultaneously asserting the phrase, “You’ll be okay.” Now that I’ve acknowledged my struggles I can start to piece myself back together and keep going forward with my life.

2.) While proximity is great, relationships can withstand even the furthest of distances.

While the majority of my close friends go to school in Massachusetts, there are some that are very far from me…like Australia far. But a song like “Stars 4-Ever” reminded me that intimacy is not just about physical proximity. In this digital age we have the power to cultivate our distant friendships. It’s just as Robyn says, “I can be right there next to you, no matter where in the world you are, I got you right here next to me, forever connected through the stars”


3.) Just because you want something to work doesn’t mean that it can.

With Every Heartbeat is a song I’ve been listening to on loop recently. I’ve always enjoyed the song but its recently become much more relevant to me. There is so much power behind the phrase, “we could keep trying but things will never change.” And it’s rather heartbreaking to hear her as she sings, “So I don’t look back, still I’m dying with every step I take, but I don’t look back.” I’ve learned that sometimes the right decision is the most painful. We can’t avoid the reality because it makes us uncomfortable and just because we make the right decision doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt like hell. If something doesn’t fundamentally work you have to move on. You owe it to yourself to do that.

4.) Don’t fucking tell me what to do

Robyn’s song “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” is a straightforward but important message. Unless you are paying for my bills or are someone whose opinion I actually care for, don’t tell me how to live my life. Don’t tell me that I’m too loud or that my taste in music sucks or that my feelings aren’t legitimate. If anything this song reminds me that sometimes you need to stand up for yourself in an abrasive way. If someone is rubbing you the wrong way or taking advantage of you then you need to cuss the bitch out. Playing nice is great, but if you don’t give a shit about that person don’t be afraid to let them know what you really think about them. Bitching people out is v therapeutic!

5.) Take care of yourself before you take care of others.

I’d like to start off by saying, “Get Myself Together” is not only a song with a great message…but it’s a fantastic song to run to. I’ve recently felt like I have no control in my life. I’ve been anxious, unhappy and unnecessarily bitchy to everyone around me. So I decided to take initiative and make things better for myself. I exercise every day now and I quit the activities that no longer brought me any joy. I’ve learned that despite any recent hardships I’ve gone through that I need to get out of my own head and “get myself together.”

6.) Don’t let the haters see you sweat

Dancing On My Own” is one of the best dance songs, even though its about a very depressing subject matter. But instead of taking it to be a song about unrequited love, I’ve decided to see it as a song about staying strong in spite of sadness. I mean maybe Robyn is standing sadly in the corner watching her bae mack on a different girl. But I like to think she’s sad but dancing her face off anyways because she’s a survivor. That’s how I want to approach situations in which I feel embarrassed or stupid or whatnot. People shouldn’t have the power to make you feel dumb or ashamed, so don’t give it to them! Take that negative energy and turn it into the best “I’m the life of the party and you suck major balls” dance.

7.) Life is not something to live preemptively.

I find it incredibly difficult not too approach a situation without using my prior knowledge and experiences as some sort of cheat-sheet as to how I should handle the situation. When someone breaks our heart, we convince ourselves that relationships are bad and that we should never trust anyone else. We put up walls or engage halfheartedly as a way to protect ourselves from pain. But if I’ve learned anything from Robyn’s song “Indestructible” is that we must acknowledge the mistakes we make but live in spite of them. If you meet a great girl or guy, go for it! That person is not the same guy/girl you dated before, this relationship is completely new. Love like you’re indestructible.

8.) Dance how ever the fuck you want!

Have you seen Robyn dance? Have you seen the “Call Your Girlfriend” music video? She dances like someone who is having a seizure while simultaneously being tazed and it’s quite frankly the best thing out there. She dances to her own beat and that’s what makes her fantastic. So if you dance like dad (like me), embrace that shit! Sure you may look stupid but sometimes looking stupid is necessary. Be yourself, it’s rewarding.