For those of you gays living under a rock, today the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7. And while sports lovers spend their time talking about their draft picks and what players are good, us drag fans spend our time praising and throwing shade at RPDR queens. So without further ado, here are the sick’ning queens of season 7!

Jasmine Masters


Dida Ritz, is that you? According to her profile, Jasmine is a confident performer with strong opinions AKA she probably yells a lot. While she may not have the most inspired of looks, there is video footage of her lip syncing a scene from Real Housewives of Atlanta as Nene Leakes, which is enough for me to like her for now.

 Miss Fame


The first time I tried to do drag makeup, I actually watched a Miss Fame tutorial. And girl knows what’s she talking about! Out of all the queens Miss Fame is the most polished in her look. Her personality, on the other hand, seems to be a bit lacking. Let’s hope she can wow us with her performance abilities as well as her makeup. Because God knows we don’t need enough boring ass Tyra.



Pearl is young and edgy. I mean have you seen her septum piercing? V trendy. I always appreciate the fire young queens bring to the competition and her styling seems to be on point. It’s always nice to see a queen who wears something other than sequins or spandex.

 Jaidynn Diore Fierce


Jaidynn looks like she walked straight out of the Bad Girl’s Club. In fact, I’m not entirely convinced she isn’t from that show. Jaidynn is apparently “infectiously sassy” which makes me hopeful that she’ll have some great confessional moments. Because let’s be real- half the reason we watch RuPaul is for the confessional moments which end up making the best of GIFS.

 Kandy Ho


If you took all of the “so so” parts of Willam, Phi Phi O’Hara and Joslyn Fox, you’d have Kandy Ho. I generally like the PR queens so I’m hopeful that she’ll bring something fresh to the table but as of right now her jean shorts aren’t impressing me.**Actually just watched a live performance of hers. She slayed. You can stay, hoe**



I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing Katya perform twice at my college #yaybostonkweens. She’s not the prettiest or most put together of the queens, but she sure is funny. And she can do splits, which is no longer impressive on RPDR, but still worthy of being pointed out. As we’ve seen in the past, you don’t have to be the prettiest or most put together to win Drag Race (*cough cough Jinkx*) you just need to have the biggest personality and be capable of growth. Let’s hope Katya is capable of such a thing.

Tempest Du’Jour


As the oldest and campiest contestant, Tempest seems like she may be at a disadvantage, especially after the show has crowned so many campy queens. It is important to note that she is a professor of costume, which means she knows how to dress herself and will succeed in every costume challenge. Only time will tell how receptive Drag Race viewers will be to yet another campy queen.



If Sharon Needles and Milk had a baby, it would be Max. Allegedly, she’s a unique queen which can be dangerous if she is incapable of executing her insane ideas. Props for the whole “old hollywood” glamour gig.

Violet Chachki


Violet is allegedly the skinniest girl in RPDR history and you know what that means…nothing! She’s pretty and her style is interesting, so she’ll most likely do fairly well in the competition.

Kennedy Davenport


Kennedy Davenport’s drag aesthetic screams “I love throwing barbecues and spending my elderly husband’s money.” She’s part of the Davenport family, which I guess is supposed to be impressive, but isn’t because Sahara was a beautiful person but lackluster queen. I don’t see Kennedy lasting long in the competition, especially if she walks down the runway looking like a soccer mom every week.

Ginger Minj


Ben De La Creme, you’ve really let yourself go!

Mrs. Kasha Davis



 Sasha Belle


Sasha Belle looks like she stepped right out of the ’80s. Her hair is big and her face screams, “I can’t wait to take everything you love away from you.” She does lose points for being from Iowa though- because let’s be real, when has anything good come from there?

 Trixie Mattel


I’m so glad they let Milk pull a Shangela and come back! Wait, this isn’t Milk? Anyways- Trixie is a self described “campy queen” which means about 80% of this season’s cast is campy. At least she’s Native American though, I’m glad Drag Race is starting to be more inclusive of diversity and less inclusive of tired white queens who exclusively wear sequins.Side note- doesn’t she kind of look like a crocodile?