1. Nidoqueen

Nidoqueen is a misunderstood drag goddess, a gal who just can’t get along with the pageant queens and glamour pusses. She’s a fierce queen though, representing old school drag with her massive breast plate, and “I’ll throw you over my shoulder” mentality.

See Mimi:

2. Vespiquen-Detox

Vespiqueen is the queen bee, so crown it. She’s a sexpot; she serves drag that is both alluring and downright terrifying. She can serve you a look that you just can’t take, and her level of polish is unparalleled.

See Detox:

3. Jynx

Jynx is an over the top queen who isn’t afraid to get ugly. Her style of drag is deliberately heinous and offensive ( I mean she practically came out in blackface once). She’s a one of a kind comedy queen.

See Trixie:

4. Bellossom

Bellossom is a gorgeous queen. She’s neat, petite, and ready to eat. She gives you island flavor and fish face. Her magnetic personality and stunning beauty make her the queen to beat.

See April:

5. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is an avant garde/androgynous queen who knows how to break necks and cash checks. She’s highly conceptual and high fashion, a queen who sets a high bar when it comes to drag.

See Raja:

6. Gorebyss-Courtney Act

Gorebyss is a fishy girl- all you have to do is slap a clam shell bikini on her and she is runway ready. She may rely on her body, but can you blame her? I would to if I could get away with just wearing ChapStick and mascara.

See Courtney:

7. Illumise

Illumise is a performance queen; she can sing and she can dance, but bitch can’t get her fashion game together. She’s a Broadway bound diva with a warm heart and undeniable stage presence. It’s just a shame she looks like she pulled out all of her dresses from the dumpster outside of a burlesque show.

See: Jinkx:

8. Lilligant

Lilligant is an exotic beauty, representing the pageant circuit and her island’s culture. Every time she struts down the runway she brings fashion and glamour with her eccentric headpieces and Serta approved body-ody-ody.

See Alexis:

9. Gothitelle

Gothitelle lives at the intersection of glam and fetish. She’s the perfect blend of old drag, new drag, and Hot Topic. It’s also important to note that every outfit she wears is reversible #COMETHRU

See Violet:

10. Lopunny

Lopunny is one of those queens that is pretty without putting too much effort into it. She has a great body and a sexy charm that makes her both entertaining and irresistible. Lopunny only wears Mac brand cosmetics which can bite queens like her in the ass when she walks down the runway and someone can clock the 5’ o clock shadow from a mile away.

See Willam:

11. Sylveon

Sylveon is one of those reverse Coco Chanel type bitches… and by that I mean she’s the type of queen who adds 15 more accessories before she leaves the house. Everything about these types of queens screams too much from their hair accessories to jewelry. Newsflash bitch, one bow is cute, two is busy.

See Jade:

12. Florges

Queens like Florges know how to feed the fantasy; I mean just look at that curvaceous body and floral headpiece. And those falsies girl- Katy Perry’s eyelash collection got nothing on you. Everything about Florges is fully realized and on point. Congrats hunty, you are America’s Next  Only Drag Superstar.

See RuPaul:



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