12.) Naysha Lopez


Here comes Naysha serving Real Housewives of Miami realness. Let’s cut to the chase- she looks like a trophy wife lounging late night by the hotel pool. Beautiful, but uninspired.

11.) Chi Chi DeVayne


Chi Chi’s look is the bargain bin version of Mama Ru Ru’s kitty eleganza from All Stars. The hair is great, and the effort is there, but the execution….not so much.

10.) Derrick Barry


Let’s start off with a compliment: Derrick’s makeup looks GREAT! With that being said, her drag identity is still pretty much just low rent Courtney Act. She looks *good*, but this look has been done before and better.

9.) Robbie Turner


Props to Robbie for wearing a lace front (even if the lace is showing, gurl)! Robbie looks absolutely stunning. It may not be as bold or creative as some of the other queens, but it’s the kind of classic elegance we’ve come to expect from her.

8.) Laila McQueen


Category is: Mardi Gras hooker realness! Laila’s look is conceptual and quirky, and her baby boobs add a nice touch. She’s come a long way since Drag Race and her creativity is being put to good use.

7.) Kim Chi


This may be a universally hated opinion, but I just think Kim’s look is lacking in the creativity department. She looks incredible as always, but she’s raised the bar so high that this look can’t help but feel underwhelming. She’s giving us glamorous fairy god mother realness, but compared to her other looks- is this really the best she could come up with?

6.) Bob the Drag Queen


Bob’s look is the perfect blend of comedy and glamour. The blue hair is gorgeous, the print of the dress and cape are striking, and she really stepped her pussy up for the reunion.

5.) Thorgy Thor


What kind of Betty Spaghetti look is this? As usual, Thorgy is delivering high energy camp with style. The look is polished, vibrant, and creative in a way that really fits in with her character.

4.) Naomi Smalls


Slayomi Small really served latex Leia last night on the red carpet. Naomi’s fashion game is unparalleled; she doesn’t dress for Drag Race –she dresses for the MET Ball, and that commitment to flawlessness is really paying off for her.

3.) Cynthia Lee Fontaine


Cynthia has really redeemed herself from the roller girl runway fiasco of season 8. Her red carpet look is high camp, high fashion, and totally cucu in a way that really works. Gorgeous work, mama!

2.) Dax Exclamationpoint


Kudos to Dax for serving one of the most striking looks on the red carpet! While the look is definitely Storm-inspired, there’s a level of added creativity that really gives it a unique spin. Hopefully she continues to share her great looks with us in the future!

1.) Acid Betty


The #1 spot goes to the insanely talented, Acid Betty! Like a phoenix she rose from the ashes of her elimination and burned the red carpet with this unique and impeccable look. Everything about it is perfection.