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Hi friends, welcome back to RuPaul’s Drag Race rucap where I try to recover from what may have been the best lip-sync on Drag Race to date. But before we get to the wig-snatching, jaw dropping, life-giving lip-sync and dramatic sashay, let’s go back to the beginning.


Episode 5 begins with our eliminating queens ru-turning to the workroom for their promised revenge. And girl are they angry!  Ginger is pissed at Alyssa for what she perceived to be an unfair elimination, but the real tension is between Alyssa and Phi Phi, who accused Alyssa of getting a fair pass and trying to toss her fellow competitors under the bus. Upon being criticized, Phi Phi immediately reverts to her season 4 ways and blows her lid.  Things are finally heating up on the RuPaul’s Drag Race. AND I AM HERE FOR IT!

Mama Ru arrives in the workroom to announce this week’s maxi-challenge: a stand up comedy act. Ru informs our queens that they will be working in pairs and that the two top returning queens will not only get to lip-sync for a chance to re enter the competition—they’ll get to choose the bottom queen to chop.  The teams are as follows:


Phi Phi and Coco

Katya and Ginger

Alyssa and Alaska

Detox and Tatianna

Roxxxy stumbles as the emcee of the show, awkwardly relying on a joke about how she isn’t funny in her attempt to show people she’s funny. It’s not nearly as bad as Phi Phi and Coco, however, who present an offensively unfunny SNL-style skit about God knows what. It’s actually cringe inducing. Katya and Ginger have good chemistry as partners, but fail to really make an impression, further proving that these queens are much better at unscripted comedy. Alaska lets Alyssa take centerstage and say weird things, which works out great for them, and Detox and Tatianna leave the audience in stitches with their bizarre Stepford Wives style act. 

Alyssa and Tatianna are named top 2, leaving the fate of Phi Phi and Roxxxy in their hands. The two duke it out to Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” and both absolutely kill it in what is definitely one of the best lip-syncs to date. Alyssa dances the house down boots and Tatianna serves up sex on a stick, and their incredible performances are rewarded when RuPaul announces that both have earned their right to return to the competition. But in a dramatic twist, both queens are told to reveal who they were to eliminate, making a double elimination possible. Unfortunately for Phi Phi, however, Alyssa and Tatianna both decide to send her packing. It’s painful to see Phi Phi storm off the set enraged, but not unexpected. And with six queens left in the competition, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen next.




Alaska may not have been the star of her stand up routine, but she managed to still steal the show with her restrained yet hilarious performance. Alaska has dominated the competition so far and she shows no signs of slowing down. They may as well just crown her now.



Detox is one of the strongest queens in this competition, delivering great performances in every challenge. She may not be getting the winner’s edit like Alaska, but she’s proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.



Come through, Alyssa! Our favorite dancing-diva made her triumphant return with her hysterical stand up performance. Despite her previous elimination, Alyssa has been one of the most consistent queens this season. She deserves another chance to steal the crown!



Out of all the eliminated queens, Tatianna definitely deserved a second chance to show America what she can do. She shined in her stand up routine and absolutely murdered the lip-sync for your life. RuPaul made the right choice by bringing her back.



Katya’s a funny queen, but her humor tends to suffer when it’s scripted. She’s a strong competitor, but with two bottom 2 placements, who knows how much longer she has left in the competition.

Phi Phi


Controversial opinion: Phi Phi should have stayed over Roxxxy. Yes, she’s the worst, but she did have a better track record in the competition than Roxxxy. With that being said, she was bound to get the boot in this episode or the next.



Roxxxy has been in the bottom for almost every challenge this season, which means she should probably be the next to go. She’s a beautiful queen, but beauty can only get you so far in a competition full of All Stars.