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1.) Losing track of just how many subscription services you’ve actually signed up for 

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Wait, you’re telling me I have Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Hello Fresh, AND Apple Music?!

2.) Paying off of the mountain of student debt you’ve accrued

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While I did enjoy vomiting in the freshman dorm showers and sleeping through my 8 am classes, I’m not sure I’d do it all over again if I knew I’d be paying for school for the rest of my natural born life.

3.) Learning how to actually budget

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According to this budget tracker, I spent 90% of my paycheck on wine and takeout this month.

4.)  Splitting bills with roommates

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Okay Gretchen, I don’t know why we’re paying the same amount for electricity when you’re the one who leaves her vibrator running all day!

5.) Resisting the urge to ask your parents for money

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Should I hold onto my integrity and independence by paying for things myself or should I beg my mother to buy the $300 desk I clearly can’t afford?

6.) Actually saving up money

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At what point does it become socially unacceptable to only have $7 in your savings account?

7.) Straddling the line between being social and not spending money

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Hey, how about instead of going to the club and spending $30 on overpriced drinks we just hang out at my place, scrapbook, and cry over how pathetically broke and lame we’ve become?

8.) Avoiding unnecessary purchasing

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So, I know I’m already in the red, but I somehow accidentally ended up in Target today and walked out with $350 dollars worth of haircare products and a credit card.

9.) Accepting that your time and existence has a monetary value

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I’m just a poorly paid cog in a giant capitalist machine!

10.) Deciding whether you should date for love or money

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Why love a man when you can love his Ferrari instead?