What It’s Like To Be The Only One Home For Winter Break

So it’s official: You’re finally done with school for the semester.

You celebrate by tearing out every page out of your notebook and drinking every alcoholic beverage in sight with your friends



And then you pack up your belongings and wait for the train or your mother to pick you up and bring you home for a period of well deserved relaxation.

At first being home is really nice.

You get to spend time with your family members who you haven’t seen in a few weeks.


And eat nice home cooked meals instead of the garbage you’ve been feeding yourself at school..

And last but not least: you get to sleep in!

But after a few days,  you start to realize that being the only one out of school is kind of miserable.

For starters, your family gets over the initial happiness of seeing you and then expects you to actually do chores and help around the house.

You start to feel gross about how much of your day you spend sleeping.

And you begin to find the activities you love to do most (eat and masturbate) tiring and unfulfilling.

It is then that you begin to appreciate  all of the freedoms you have while away at school.

Like staying up as late as you want and drinking whenever you want

And eating pizza for breakfast for no good reason.

But the worst part about being home first is that there’s no around to entertain you.

And instead of spending your alone time doing something productive like reading or exercising, you spend it doing absolutely nothing.

Or if you’re me, you spend your entire day sitting in your bedroom writing articles for a blog. Because you’re that person.

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