Is this why I'm still single?

5. It Takes Two: Almost like the Parent Trap but better. This movie has everything from a critical analysis of economic disparities in the United States (Mary Kate is a foster child whereas Ashley has a butler named Vincenzo) to Kirstie Alley before she devoted her life to Scientology and only eating Twinkies. The only bothersome thing about this is that they never explain why the twins look exactly alike but are not in fact related. It makes me wonder if I have a twin out there somewhere and if they too are Queen of the Junkyard.

4. Winning London: Not going to lie every decision I made on my trip to London had some sort of connection to this film (including rocking a shirt that read “Juicy” a la Mary Kate). It also had one of the best fashion montages makeover scenes in cinematic history rivaling The Lizzie McGuire…

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