1. When you hear someone talking about this new thing they discovered that is actually incredibly old and irrelevant (OMG have you seen the celebrity impersonator singing “Let It Go” from Frozen? LOLZ”)

2. When someone consistently uses the wrong word or mispronounces something in conversation- “There needs to be a dialect about this”… No bitch, there needs to be a DIALOGUE.

3. When someone you can’t stand tries to argue with you over something you don’t care about

4. When a fat person complains how strenuous their workout was while shotgunning an entire pizza

5. When someone is playing music so loud that you question why they even have headphones on

6. When someone accuses you of doing something that they do way more often than you? (DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE, BITCH!)

7. When the person you’re in the car with spends the entire ride talking on the phone

8. When someone gives you a task to do simply because they don’t want to do it.

9.  When someone asks you to do something for them without saying “please” or “thank you”

10. When someone asks for your advice only to do the complete opposite of what you recommended.